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Niagara Falls

Living in one hour drive from this wonder, we've decided this (long) weekend: what the heck, let's go there and have a picnic! We haven't been there for a few years, the weather was cooperating, traffic not too bad.  We know a little secret: if you don't want to pay $25 for parking, there is a free one here, in 15 min walk from the Horseshoe:   On a long weekend, if you like to take extra sleep and come here around noon, you may need to make 2-3 rounds to find a parking spot. We did 3 circles this time but found it. Nice picnic area, ponds, birds, - it's all there. Have something with you - coffee, fruits, energy bars, whatever. The place is very convenient for both a light lunch and full sized BBQ. There are picnic tables, bathroom, some trails and bridges. Do it all and then walk to the waterfalls (other way around may work too but we, for instance, are usually exhausted after the walk and simply drink, jump in a car and drive home). Unless you ar