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Juan Castro Blanco National Park

Juan Castro Blanco National Park is also known as Parque de Aguas (the park of the waters) and protects mid-elevation rain forest and high altitude cloud forest on the slopes of three extinct volcano peaks, Porvenir (2,267 meters), Platanar (2,183 meters), and Viejo (2,060 meters). The government is trying to buy out the private properties that lie within the parks boundaries and has not yet started on any improvements such as parking or trails. It's kind of unusual, and we've decided to take a look how this wilderness look like. To find the entrance was not easy. Once you leave 141 and start climbing to the mountains,  the road becomes more and more questionable. There are some good pieces 100-300m long, some places asphalt with potholes, some places gravel or just stones.  We took a wrong turn (North point on the map, very officially called "Agua Juan Castro Blanco, Sector El Quetzal National Park"), and the road turned into a scary narrow trail. W