Lake Louise

Lake Louise Inn

The Weather network was trying to scare us all week long, but the 1st and only bad day in fact was our day at Lake Louise. We woke up with the news that it's gonna be 30 cm of snow today, and it seemed to be true once we looked through the window.

Svetlana did not feel very well, and we decided to take advantage of the nice hotel room and wait it out. As a matter of fact, we actually consider ourselves lucky with the weather during this trip, because apparently heavy snow storms and road closures are very usual thing for Banff and Lake Louise in the beginning of June. This time it was only this one questionable day, but even this day wasn't actually that bad because after 3PM the snow finally stopped, and we decided to try to complete our Lake Louise program at least to as much as possible extent. 

Morain Lake

It was already deep afternoon, and as we kind of already took a brief look at the Lake Louise yesterday,  we decided to re-prioritize and go see another nearby lake first, so took left turn to the Morain Lake Road.

What to say? Morain Lake off course is not a replacement or substitution for the original Lake Louise, but also very nice.

Apparently, weather is a huge factor in your impression when you see those lakes. They may look very welcoming when the sun shines, or not so much when it doesn't.

Lake Louise, Agnes & The Beehive

After Morain, we drove back to Louise, but when we came to the parking lot, there was a bear closure. Apparently some bear decided to check-in to Fairmont Chateau hotel but didn't have a reservation, so all roads in 1 mile radius were closed, local state of emergency was declared, and rangers started to u-turn people. We did not actually see that disappointed bear, and don't know if the whole story is true, but we could not get even close to the Lake Louise this time. 

We did it later though, on our last day way to airport, because 4 km from the highway is not a big detour, we had a spare hour, there were no any bears around, and the weather was not too bad.

Anyway, it was too late for hiking, and all famous hiking trails to Lake Agnes, The Beehive, and views where you can see the lakes from the top, go to the next time TO-DO list.

Morant's Curve

The weather was slowly improving, so the last thing we was driving a few extra miles back to Morant's Curve again, where we managed to take a couple of decent pictures.

More pictures at Lake Louise are here.


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