First time in Monteverde we've been in 2007. We did not have a GPS and used a printed PDF map to find the road. It was our first time in Costa Rica and we bought all inclusive stay in Fiesta hotel in Puntarenas, which was not that expensive back then. We rented a car in the hotel, and the trip to Monteverde, with all stops, looking in the map and taking pictures took a few hours.

Monteverde Hiking in the cloud forest took most of the day, then Butterfly Garden, sky walk bridges and some other places, and finally on the way back we caught a gorgeous sunset in the mountains. 5 minutes later - lights off. Trip back to the hotel in complete darkness, on a very questionable road paved with boulders, through mountain villages one after another with almost no road signs, was a real adventure, but the memories we made back then still worth it.

Nowadays it's much easier, and the roads are better, there are even signs on those roads, and pretty much every tiny trail which half foot wider than a compact car, is in GPS, so don't save on that thing when car rental guys offer you this extra, it's worth it. I actually have a map of Costa Rica in my Garmin which I refresh on NAVSAT every year.


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