Nice place with a lake, funicular (cable car) going up to the glacier, more lakes there; trails, parking lot, restaurants and hotels. Unfortunately we were not able to find a lot of information in Internet about the place and simply stopped by because it was a short detour from our way.

Apparently the only thing which was working in Endingersee when we came was a local waterfall which is in 5 minutes walk from the parking lot. Even all restaurants we could see around were closed.

It was a nice waterfall, all right, but if we knew that the summer season for most of funiculars begins at the end of June (after 20th, as we could figure), we probably would not drive here.

As a matter of fact, we could not take full advantage of our Sommercard which potentially included plenty of funiculars in the area (at lease one going up and one going down each), but most of them were either closed till June 20 or working only on weekends. If you are more lucky than we were, Enzingerboden is worth to visit, - you just need to make sure in advance that things are working there. On our way we also saw a Stausee lake

which in fact is a part of a local electrical power system utilizing water flow coming from the glacier:


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