Tatzelwurm Waterfall

It was our first attraction we decided to visit on our long drive from Stuttgart to Alps. A little of detour from the main route and we got a chance to appreciate all the silence and beauty of Bavaria.

The address brings you to a nice and cozy gasthaus and restaurant. There is a convenient free parking across the restaurant. Once you reach it simply follow the signs.

By the way, we did not go to that restaurant because were not hungry yet, but I am pretty sure it's good, like everything in Bavaria.

There is a trail going up between hotel and restaurant which forks into two (upper view and lower view), 10-15 minutes each. The lower view from the bridge in my opinion is more impressive, but it takes an hour tops to explore both and take a couple of selfies. Definitely worth to take a break from a long drive and stretch the legs in a short hike.

If interested, you can see a few pictures and videos of Tatzelwurm Waterfall here.


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